PMC-HD - Heavy Duty Stroke Belt Sander and Polisher

PMC-HD Stroke Belt Sanders and Polishers Heavy Duty Models are built around a all welded structure, for a long lasting durability.
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PMC-HD  Heavy Duty Stroke Belt Sander and Polisher
Contact Wheel and Friction Pad
Pneumatic Belt Tensioner
PMC-HD-2: Dual Belts
Six (6) Vacuum Cups with individual activation switch, to hold parts
Contact Wheel Assembly with Corrugated Stacked Disks
Vulcanized Rubber Grooved Contact Wheel Assembly
PMC-HD Heavy Duty Stroke Belt Sander and Polisher
  • Heavy Duty Stroke Belt Sanders and Polishers PMC-HD and PMC-HD-2 has dust hoods on both sides, a table with steel rollers and virtually wear-free balanced and quiet running aluminum pulleys. All models are equipped with a magnetic starter (overload protection) and belt guards.
  • Table is covered with Russian cherrywood plywood. Motorized vertical table with 28" vertical adjustment. Total weight capacity is 1000 lb
  • These sanders Polishers are ideal for hairlining, graining, to sand weld seams, for Polishing and to obtain a good mill finish
  • Three models are available and they are also available in Dual Belt which allows the user to operate with two different grits at one timeSee brochure for table sizes, abrasive belt sizes and HP motors
  • Contact Wheel assembly with carriage
  • Pneumatic tensioner
    • recommended for applications with frequent changes of belt
  • Sanding belt variable speed from 3300 to 6300 fpm for 5 HP and 7.5 HP motor
  • Enlarge the table from 30'' to 48''
  • Vacuum cup to hold parts, including:
    • 6 vacuum cups fixed to the table
    • 1 vacuum generator with manifold
    • 1 selector to start/stop vacuum

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