PMCTA-HD - Automatic Stroke Sander and Polisher

PMCTA-HD  Heavy Duty Automatic Triangular Stroke Belt Sander and Polisher.
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PMCTA-HD_PMCTA-HD-2 Automatic Stroke Sander and Polisher
Sanding Belt Breaking Detector
Interchangeable Contact Wheel
Interchangeable Pressure Pad
LED Fixture over the working table
HMI Control Panel
Electrical Panel with HMI
Dual Belts
Vacuum Cups
PMCTA-HD - Sanding Capacity
Vulcanized Rubber Grooved Contact Wheel Assembly
PMCTA-HD_PMCTA-HD-2 Automatic Stroke Sander and Polisher
  • PMCTA-HD is a Heavy Duty Automatic Triangular Stroke Belt Sander and Polisher with vertical motorized table offering 3.7 feet per minute
  • This Stroke Sander has a heavy duty welded structure. It features dust hood on one end, and virtually wear-free balanced and quiet running aluminum pulleys.
  • The triangular shape allows better visibility on parts, better heat dissipation and longer grinding belt lifetime
  • These models are also available in Dual Belt, which allows the user to operate with two different grits at one time
  • These Sanders Polishers are ideal for hairlining, graining, to sand weld seams, for Polishing and to obtain a good mill finish


  • Table is moving along dual rails on the width axis, powered by electric motor with variable speed at a continuous rate along the width of the material. Travel speed varies between 0.5 to 36 fpm
  • Polishing carriage is powered along the length axis by electric motor with variable speed of up to 225 fpm. The stroke is adjustable through the HMI based on material length on the table
  • Main operating buttons and touchscreen display are located on front door of control panel
  • Remote operating console located on front of table, hand held type device, will allow emergency shutoff, automatic cycle start/stop and transversal manual movement
  • Central power and control panel with Omron PLC, panel includes VFDs and other electric components. External hookup for distance trouble shooting and programming changes via Ethernet card.


  • Table width: 30”
  • Table weight capacity: 500 lb
  • Table covered with Russian cherrywood plywood
  • Motorized vertical table adjustment of 23’’
  • One abrasive belt :6” x 284”, 4750 fpm
  • Pulleys: 10”dia. x 6.25” face
  • Interchangeable polishing contact wheel 6" diameter by approximately 5" wide by ¾" bore and friction graphite pad 4" by 6" area
  • Light Fixture over the working table
  • Pneumatic Tensioner
  • Belt guards
  • Sanding belt breaking detector
  • 5 HP T.E.F.C. motor, 1750 rpm
  • Voltage: 220 or 440 or 600 / 3 / 60, 25 amps
  • Dust collector outlet: 1 X 6" diameter @ 1200 cfm
  • Standard table length: 96'', 120'' and 144''
  • Dual Belt
  • Variable speed from 3300 to 6300 fpm for 5 HP and 7,5 HP Motor
  • Vacuum cup to hold parts, including:
    • 6 vacuum cups fixed to the table
    • 1 vacuum generator with manifold
    • 1 selector to start/stop
  • Polishing buffer wheel with linear rail
  • Options could be developed according to customer's needs

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