PMCT - Triangular Stroke Belt Sander and Polisher

PMCT Triangular Stroke Belt Sanders and Polishers are low cost, manually operated, sanding and polishing machines.
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PMCT-2 Triangular Stroke Belt Sanders
Contact Wheel and Friction Pad
LED Fixture over the working table
Six (6) Vacuum Cups with individual activation switch, to hold parts
PMCT_Sanding Capacity based on Options
Contact Wheel Assembly with Corrugated Stacked Disks
Vulcanized Rubber Grooved Contact Wheel Assembly
PMCT-2 Triangular Stroke Belt Sanders
  • Triangular Stroke Belt Sanders and Polishers PMCT and PMCT-2 has dust hoods on both sides, a table with steel rollers and virtually wear-free balanced and quiet running aluminum pulleys. All models are equipped with a magnetic starter (overload protection), pneumatic belt tensioner and belt guards. Standard vertical adjustment is 28". Table weight capacity is 200 lb.
  • The triangular shape allows better visibility on parts, better heat dissipation and belt saving.
  • These Sanders/Polishers are ideal for hairlining, graining, to sand weld seams, for polishing and to obtain a good mill finish.
  • Three models are available : PMCT-284, PMCT-328, PMCT-374.
  • These models are also available in Dual Belt, which allows the user to operate with two different grits at one time.
  • Single Phase 5 HP motor, 220 volts;
  • Single Phase 7.5 HP motor, 220 volts;
  • Enlarge the table from 30" to 48";
  • Contact Wheel Assembly with carriage;
  • Variable speed from 3300 to 6300 fpm for a 5 HP Motor;
  • Variable speed from 3300 to 6300 fpm for a 7.5 HP Motor;
  • Vacuum cup to hold parts, including :
    • Six vacuum cups fixed to the table;
    • One vacuum generator with manifold;
    • One selector to start/stop vacuum.

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